Spring 2021 International Student Orientation

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The Global Village would like to extend a warm welcome to you as you embark on your academic career at Kennesaw State University. Welcome!

The Global Village will be conducting the International Student Orientation online for students admitted for Spring 2021 in response to COVID-19 precautions. Read details below.

  • What do you need to have ready in order to register for class?

    1. Your NetID activated.

    ·     For directions on how to activate your NetID, click here.

    2. Check for holds on your account.

    ·     View your current holds here: http://admissions.kennesaw.edu/checkstatus.php

    3. You can look at what classes are offered at

    ·     http://registrar.kennesaw.edu/

    ·     Click on "Schedule of Classes"

    4. Have an idea of what field you are interested in or what major you want.

    ·     You do not have to decide on a major yet!

    ·     You will be taking core classes, but have an interest in case you need to pick an elective

    ·     Electives are the BEST way to try out different majors!

    5. Find and consult with an Academic Advisor! List of Advisors can be found here.

  • Dates: January 7 & 8, 2021
    Time: All Day events
    Online Platform: Zoom

    Register for this orientation HERE.


    The International Student Orientation is MANDATORY (REQUIRED) for all NEW KSU international students, even if you are transferring from another institution in the United States.

    This orientation is different from the KSU IGNITION orientation, so even if you attended those sessions, you will still need to attend the International Student Orientation. This orientation is specifically designed to give international students pertinent information about immigration status, KSU involvement, and academic success. To learn more about the KSU IGNITION Orientations, click HERE.

    Questions that will be answered during the International Student Orientation:

    • What do I need to do if I leave the country?
    • What services does KSU have to help me?
    • Where can I go if I need help?
    • What is an “in-state tuition waiver"?
    • What organizations can I join?
    • What is American culture like?
    • Where can I meet new people?
    • What is the difference between OPT and CPT?
    • What does the Global Village do?
    • How do I keep my visa status?


  • Orientation Exemptions:

    1.  Returning KSU/SPSU Students may be exempt if they already went through a KSU International Student Orientation within the past three years (this means that if you were an SPSU student and attended an International Student Orientation PRIOR to the merger between KSU and SPSU, you may NOT be exempt);

    2.  PhD Students who will be attending their department’s orientation;

    3.  Executive MBA Students (note that traditional MBA students are required to attend).

    If you feel that you may be eligible for an orientation exemption, please reply to this email detailing your reasons and we will promptly respond. Be sure to email us if you feel you should be exempt, or you risk a hold being placed on your account.

    If you do not fall into these three categories, you are REQUIRED to attend orientation. If you do not attend orientation, please email and schedule a meeting with Shirmenia Nunes at snuneseu@kennesaw.edu as soon as you get to KSU.

    If you have any questions about orientation, please email Shirmenia Nunes at snuneseu@kennesaw.edu

    Check your email for more details on the orientation!

  • Please, make sure you register for Orientation!

    With the 2021 Spring ISO being held online, Global Village will be sending you monthly updates via email to prepare you to your Spring semester at KSU.

    You will be required to complete Pre-Arrival Modules. Further details will be sent to the e-mail you provided when you register for Orientation.

  • The orientation handbook contains important information about preparing for your journey here at KSU. VIEW HERE