Student Testimonials

  • Being a transfer student from [another university] I wasn’t used to open and warm [staff] primarily in the International Student offices. I was scared of walking into an office and explaining my case at first because I felt that [...] no one had ever been in my shoes facing similar problems as I was. Having been referred to you by a good friend, it changed my view on interacting with [staff]. I am sharing my testament because I believe there are a lot of International students out there who could be facing a tough situation and are a bit hesitant to address it with [staff] because they fear to complicate things. The Global Village [staff] provided me with new perception and made Kennesaw State feel like my new home. I appreciate every bit of support and guidance you and your department provided and I will forever be thankful.”

  • This place has been the best place for hundreds of students, including me. I met my best friends here. GV has helped me reach out to other members of the global community which now makes me more of a global leader. International students including myself have come and gone through GV and ISA whenever we have had a problem because they had the answers. The advisors knew what they were doing and could help us.”

  • It wasn’t until late September of last year that I would start to delve deeper into what it means to be a Filipino. I was asked to be more active with the FSA, ISA (International Student Association) and the GV (Global Village) at Kennesaw State University. I was welcomed into a family where race, ethnicity, culture and being international was celebrated. I even have met people of mixed heritages and cultures like myself.”

  • This place has allowed me to expand my horizons when it came to diversity. I feel more accepted here.”

  • Home, simply. I am here at KSU because of the GV. I made deep relationships with people here. I was supposed to transfer but this became my home. The Global Village is why I’m still here.”

  • This place is a safe haven for internationals. You can interact with people from all walks of life. Without the GV I wouldn’t have the friends I have now. It gave me experience that has made my college experience wonderful. I spend all of my time here.”