About Our Space

The Global Village (GV) is a community space for students to gather, create new friendships, study, and gain access to resources. Within the GV, students are presented with opportunities to learn about various aspects of nationality and citizenship as parts of one’s identity, and how those intersect with other identities that the students carry. 

The GV provides students with access to a resource library collection, with games and book and movie titles related to English as a Second Language, travel, cultural exploration and adaptation, as well graduate exam preparation textbooks; a computer lab; professional and student staff, and informational pamphlets and bulletin boards covering topics of importance to the international community. In addition to these services, the GV also hosts weekly and monthly programming, including Workshops, Discussions, and more.

  • Reception Area

    Our wonderful team of student staff greets students as they enter the Global Village. Our student staff are here to answer your questions about the various programs and services offered the GV. Students entering the GV will be asked to please check-in at the check-in station using their Talon One card or their KSU ID number (000…) 
    The reception area also boasts a bulletin board that showcases various on- and off-campus resources available to the students, as well as upcoming program and event information. 
    • Social/Study Area

      Within the Global Village, students will find a kitchenette, a large couch, a computer lab, our resource library, a television for group work and practicing presentations, a whiteboard, and a games and supplies cabinets. The Global Village offers a versatile way to accommodate the studious, as well as the social KSU Owls. The large and comfortable couch is a great place for engaging conversations, as well as a power nap. The large center tables offer a place to eat meals, study, or socialize. Additionally, the GV hosts a variety of programs including our weekly Discussion Series, some Workshops, and other events. 

      • Kitchenette

        The Kitchenette offers access to a hot water urn, hot and cold beverages, a microwave and some utensils (bring your own dish!), as well as a refrigerator/freezer. All unused refrigerated items are thrown away at 4:30pm every Friday, unless they are reusable (i.e. coffee creamer, condiments, a carton or gallon of milk, etc.). All expired contents will be discarded upon discovery. ALL REFRIGERATED AND FROZEN ITEMS ARE TO BE LABELED BY NAME. Unlabeled refrigerator/freezer contents will be discarded upon discovery. 

        • Resource Library

          There is also a lending library in the Global Village that houses all kinds of educational movies from around the globe, that can be checked out for up to 5 business days at a time.

          In addition, we offer a wide variety of gently used textbooks and leisure literature as well, that can be checked out for up to one semester at a time. We also offer textbooks for studying for standardized tests such as the GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, ACT, etc., that can be checked out for up to one month at a time.