Mission Statement

Our Mission

The Global Village (GV) seeks to promote international awareness and global learning through engaging student programs and services. The center provides opportunities for cross-cultural engagement between international and domestic KSU students. The center sponsors academic, cultural, leadership, and social programs that enrich the educational experience of all Kennesaw State University students, with an emphasis on developing global competence through intercultural engagement.

The Global Village promotes global learning and understanding by providing programs and services that focus on intentional interaction between international and domestic KSU students, resulting in increased meaningful and impactful social and intercultural contacts, and the opportunity for all students to explore the ways in which internationalization and global learning affect and intersect with various other identities that students have.

The GV also provides students with leadership and cultural competence development opportunities, advocacy, guidance, out-of-class support in the form of academic intervention and educational programs and events, weekly workshops and discussions, networking and developing on- and off-campus partnerships, and personalized assistance.

This is accomplished through strategic planning and partnerships, development and increase of campus programming with a focus on cultural competence building, and through advocacy for the creation and evaluation of policies that affect the international student experience at Kennesaw State University and beyond.